Project Brief

The owner had been promoting the company on social media (Facebook) for years, but wanted to create their own individual online presence for their brand. This included a website with a blog, as well as a logo.


The logo design was tackled first. It was created in Illustrator as a vector to allow scalability. The owner wanted to use Tiffany Blue for the logo, as well as with a black and white monochromatic scheme for the website.

I thought a psuedo single page application would work well for the website. The sections could be used as previews, and then the user could click on a link to a seperate, dedicated page. A Mock-up was created with Photoshop and sent to the owner for feedback and/or approval.


After the mock-up was approved, a prototype was created with the Bootstrap framework. This included the homepage with working photo gallary and video sections. It also included a link to a blog page template.

Smooth scrolling was implimented with jQuery, as well as a JavaScript slider for the hero area.


The logo was completed, but the project was terminated at the prototype stage, as the business was unable to contniue with the project for unknown reasons.