Project Brief

Found in 50 different markets, a large part of the PulteGroup's marketing strategy was through email campaigns. While I was there, the PulteGroup had not yet acquired Centex homes. However, the email templates for all of their brands were just variations of the same thing. The company decided that they wanted to differentiate between the brands, yet maintain a cohesiveness overall.

Another email designer was assigned to redesign the Pulte brand, and I was assigned the Del Webb and DiVosta brands.


The websites for the different brands had just been redesigned, so we decided to utilize the color schemes and fonts in the redesigned emails. This would allow the user to have a cohesive expereince between website, email, and landing page. We designed a large header with the brand and community name, as well as a large hero area to showcase images of the community.

We added button links along an aside section, as well as adding links to the social media accounts (which were just beginning to be used in marketing) in the footer section..


Mobile had not yet become a major player, so the email was developed for desktop only. The layout was acheived with tables, and XHTML and inline CSS were utilized. A CMS (ExactTarget) was used to store the email list, email assets, and deploy the emails. By using ExactTarget, we were not only able to determine analytics such as open and boubce rates, but also which links/buttons were clicked on.


The old templates had a click through rate of between 5-7%. After about 4 to 6 weeks of using the new templates, click through rates rose to between 17-22%, depending on the campaign.