Project Brief

Dr. Evans was releasing a new series of books that he wanted to promote as "Satan Back Off!". There was to be a micro-site consisting of a home page, and indivual pages for the books "Satan You Can't Have My Country" and "Satan You Can't Have Israel". I was tasked with the design and development of the book pages.


The direction I received was to not include a header navigation, as the pages would initially be used as landing pages from emails that were to be deployed. I designed the overall layout to use a flag image as a hero background, as it would match the cover of the book(s). For the most part, the color scheme used matched that of the Jerusalem Prayer Team website. The Call-to-Action buttons were green to add pop to the page and draw the user to them.

Once the Photoshop mock-up was approved, it was time to build the page(s).


The direction recevied for development was to use WordPress with the Divi page builder plug-in. Addition CSS was needed to create the correct positioning of some of the elements.