Project Brief

The owner had been promoting the company on social media for years, as well as having a hosted website through a specialized company. This company locked him into using their proprietary Drupal templates, which were not responsive and not visually appealing. I was contacted to perform a complete redesign. There was no need for a blog or any major data capturing, so I designed the new website as a single page application, built without using a CMS like WordPress.


I was supplied with the logo and instructed to utilize the blue color scheme for the website. I decided that a single page application was the best way to go, and designed a mock-up in Photoshop for the owner to review. I explained that the new design would be responsive to work across all browsers and mobile devices, as the previous website was desktop compatible only, and I was sure he was losing customers because of this. With a few minor tweaks of the design, the owner signed off to move forward.


To build the website, I mainly utilized HTML5 and CSS3. I used JavaScript and JQuery for smooth scrolling and form validation, as well as the copyright year. The owner supplied me with some basic content and bullet points, and I flesh out the writen content to be more SEO friendly. I uploaded the website to a preview area on my own server for the owner to test. Once he approved of the new website, I helped him secure a new web host and transfered his domain to the new hosting provider. I then uploaded the new website files via FTP and the site was live.


The previous website did not register within the first 20 pages of an organic Google search (which was as far as we searched before giving up). Currently, the redeigned website ranks at #27.