Project Brief

Vision Engravers' marketing of their engraving machines was performed quite a bit at trade-shows. Interested parties at these trade-shows would sign up on an email mailing list. As a continuation of the marketing process, email campaigns would be created on a regular basis to reach out to prospective buyers.


This particular campaign was to move the comapny's high end routing/engraving machine. The comapny wanted a printable ad that was also to be used in an email. The ad was designed in Photoshop utilizing not only the machine itself, but also smaller images of products created with it, as well as a screenshot of the software. The company's official colors from their style guide were used throughout.


The original design was saved at 300dpi and with the CMYK color model for print usage. The design was then saved at 72dpi and with the RGB color model for the web/email. An HTML Image Map was used on the image to create links to the product page on the main website.